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Display of Evidence in Yeardley Love Murder Completed

Yeardley Love. Family photo.

On Wednesday, media and interested citizens were let in to a Charlottesville courtroom to view some of the damning evidence that led to the conviction of George Huguely in the brutal killing of his ex-girlfriend, University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love.

The Baltimore Sun reports that in addition to Huguely’s police interview, crime scene photos and Huguely’s e-mails and text messages were put on display.

Especially harrowing was an e-mail exchange between Love and Huguely in the week before the killing.”I’m so over your drama… [you're] always too drunk to remember,” Love wrote about Huguely’s disturbing behavior. “I love how you don’t think you did anything wrong,” Huguely retorts, adding “I should have killed you” after Love hooked up with another guy.

Text messages sent to other girls on the night of the attack meant to show Huguely’s state of mind before he confronted Love in her room. “I’m going to try to hook up with you”, he wrote one girl. “Come ova”, he texts another. Both girls blew him off.

Although no crime scene photos with Love’s body were screened, there were shots of the blood-stained bedding in her room. Evidence photos showed bloody scrapes on Huguely’s ankles, as well as bruises on his limbs.

Huguely’s sentencing is scheduled for August 30. A jury has recommended he be given a 26-year prison term.

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