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Third Trinity Woman This Year Tries and Fails to Hide Meth in “Prison Wallet”

Karen Hale

Karen Hale. Police photo.

It’s officially a disturbing trend in Trinity, Texas, where yet another woman has allegedly tried and failed to use her vagina to hide her stash of methamphetamine from police. Karen Hale, 22, was pulled over on May 12, 2012, by Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones, who found Hale and her companion, Charles Alexander, 30, in possession of needles, spoons and other drug paraphernalia according to the Houston Press. The police cruiser’s camera shows Hale transfer something from her bra to her vagina. For those keeping score, Hale used the no frills baggie method, rather than the more secure metal canister method, opted for by two other women from her town this year. Police were not fooled in any of the three cases. Hale wound up volunteering her meth after Jones told her that she would be searched more thoroughly at the jail. Hale and Alexander are both being charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Hale received the additional charge of felony delivery of a controlled substance for her meth, and both may be charged in the near future with theft after stolen items were found in their car.

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