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Fullerton Police Settle Civil Suit with Mother of Man Beaten to Death on Tape

Kelly Thomas. Family photo.

In the aftermath of a deadly police beating caught on videotape, the Fullerton Police Department agreed to settle claims brought by Cathy Thomas, the victim’s mother, for $1 million.

Cathy Thomas and Fullerton Police released a joint statement saying “Resolution of Ms. Thomas’ claim at this time allows her to begin the healing process and avoid what would likely be protracted, expensive and difficult civil litigation.”

Still unsettled is father Ron Thomas’ claim against the department (the Thomases are divorced). Thomas has told reporters that he believes all six officers involved in the beating should be fired and prosecuted. Last week, a judge ruled that Ofcs. Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli would stand trial for Kelly Thomas’ death. The other four officers involved — Ofcs. Joe Wolfe and Kenton Hampton, Sgt. Kevin Craig and Cpl. James Blatney — were not charged criminally but are on paid administrative leave.

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