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Fugitive Stripper Caught, Charged with Murder

Luerissie Ashley Ross, aka Pocahontas

Luerissie Ashley Ross, aka "Pocahontas"

Police caught up with fugitive stripper Luerissie Ashley Ross, 20, aka “Pocahontas,” on Tuesday. Ross was wanted for jumping bail in connection with the murder of registered sex offender Budrohoe Briscoe, a man she allegedly lured to her Houston, Tex., apartment on February 17 so he could be robbed and shot. Briscoe’s cousin allegedly witnessed the shooting. The two men had gone to pick up Pocahontas, but she made a call, according to investigators, “She (Ross) told the person on the other end (of the line) something like, ‘Yes, there are two of them,‘” before asking to be dropped off to get her phone charger. Moments later she called Briscoe asking him to meet her alone. His cousin claims to have seen two men assault and shoot Briscoe. He died a few days later at the hospital.

Ross was also wanted in connection with a similar robbery that occurred at the same apartment complex on December 30 of last year, in which the victim survived. Ross allegedly confessed, was released on bail, and split. Police captured and arrested her early on May 15. Ross is charged with capital murder and aggravated assault.

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