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Former LAPD Detective Arrested in 2006 Death of Wife

Dan DeJarnette. Photo: Hawaii Police Department

A retired LAPD homicide detective has been arrested in Hawaii, linked to the 2006 death of his wife.  Dan DeJarnette, 59, and his wife, Yu DeJarnette moved to Hawaii after DeJarnette’s retirement from the police force and settled in Ka’u, on the south end of the big island.  On the morning of November 12, 2006, DeJarnette reported that his wife was lying on a lava embankment outside their home, and that she had been hurt in an accident. When an autopsy revealed that Yu, 56, had died from head trauma, DeJarnette was arrested, but later released due to lack of evidence.

The case was reopened in January, and, after further investigation, which included DNA testing, DeJarnette was arrested again on Monday, the LA Times reports. His bail was set at $200,000. According to a Hawaii Police Department media release, DeJarnette was being held in a cell at the Kona police station and was scheduled to make a court appearance yesterday.

This event follows two recent cases in which Los Angeles law enforcement members have been convicted of violent crimes.

Yesterday, a former LA County Sheriff’s Deputy was convicted of torture, mayhem, sodomy by means of force and other charges for holding his wife and her new lover captive in a leasing office and torturing them.

On May 11, former LA Detective Stephanie Lazarus was sentenced to 27 years for killing her ex-boyfriend’s new wife.

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