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Turkish Authorities Analyze Body of What They Believe to Be an Israeli Spy Bird with Nostril Cam


Body of Merops Apiaster, suspected spy bird

Body of Merops Apiaster, suspected spy bird.

Authorities in Turkey are examining the remains of a bird, specifically a European Bee-Eater, or Merops Apiaster, that was found dead by a farmer in Gaziantep, Turkey, and was reported. The tiny remains were turned over to authorities after the farmer indicted the band on the bird’s leg that was etched with a serial number and the word “Israel.” The implication here is that the European bird may have switched sides and in fact been spying for the Israelis. In addition to that astounding evidence of duplicity, the Times of Israel reports that, Turkish authorities were specifically interested in “the dead bird’s nostrils, one of which is larger than the other, leading to suspicions that Mossad surveillance equipment was implanted in the beak.” Others fear the bird’s nostrils could house a microchip. No word on whether Turkish authorities have other avian suspects in custody.

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