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Is the Zodiac Killer Alive and Well in California?

Zodiac Cryptogram

Zodiac Cryptogram

A new book by a former California Highway Patrol officer puts forth the theory that the infamous Zodiac serial killer, responsible for five unsolved murders in 1968 and 1969 San Francisco, is an old man, 91, who is currently living in Solano County. In addition to the murders, the Zodiac was known for taunting police with cryptograms (pictured) and threats. Author Lyndon Lafferty does not identify the man he claims to be the Zodiac, who was apparently a person of interest to police in the investigation in the 1970s. Investigation of that suspect was halted allegedly due to pressure from “power brokers” of the time. Police never made an arrest in the case, and have only ever had one known suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen, who died in 1992, and has been cleared in the murders by DNA evidence. Police officially closed the case in 2004, citing a lack of manpower and a heavy caseload as justifications for putting the now historic case on ice. It seems that though The Zodiac Killer Cover Up generates more interest in the case, it brings us no closer to solving it.

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