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Convicted Murderer George Huguely’s Police Confession Shown

George Huguely. Police photo.

In a police interview the morning after Yeardley Love’s body was discovered, her ex-boyfriend George Huguely admitted he had left her bloodied in her room after a tumultuous argument — but banged his head on the table in dismay when detectives told her she was dead.

A public viewing of George Huguely’s police interrogation and other trial evidence was held in a Charlottesville courtroom today.

The Washington Post covered the proceedings and although recording was prohibited and a transcript was not released to the public, reporters tried to transcribe the action on video as thoroughly as possible.

The interview began at 7:52 am on May 3, 2010 — just hours after Love’s body was discovered and called in to police. Huguely said he had played golf and dined with his father before going over to Love’s apartment — and that he’d had 14 drinks over the course of the day.

Huguely ultimately admitted breaking the door to enter Love’s apartment, but said that she did much of the physical damage to herself: “She was hitting her head… I said Yeardley stop… she kept hitting her head against the wall… I never struck her. I mean I never hit her in the face or anything.” While explaining this to police, Huguely stood against a concrete wall and demonstrated.

Asked if he ever choked Love, Huguely responded “I may have grabbed her a little bit by the neck… But I never strangled her.” Huguely said he was in the apartment for about 10 minutes and admitted stealing her laptop “because I was so pissed she wouldn’t talk to me.”

When detectives told Huguely that Love was dead, the suspect went silent for 10 seconds before burying his face in his hands and moaning “How the f*** is she dead?” Police then handcuff Huguely as he laments “Tell me she’s not dead, please sir. I did not do anything that could kill her.”

The video ended with Huguely’s face flat on the interrogation room table.

The public evidence screening continues tomorrow.

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