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Church Pastor Arrested After Cameras Discovered in Women’s Bathroom

Robert Lyzenga. Police photo.

Robert Lyzenga, 55, a pastor at Sunrise Christian Reform Church in Tippecanoe County, Ind., since 2002, was arrested last week on suspicion of voyeurism.  According to a probable cause affidavit, a woman called police on April 22 after finding a “suspicious device” in the bathroom.  Tippecanoe County Sheriff Tracy Brown said two cameras were found in the stalls, both concealed inside air fresheners.  The investigation is ongoing, and Lyzenga has not been formally charged.  He was released from custody on $5,000 surety bond and faces a possible charge of voyeurism, a class D felony.  According to Brown, that charge is preliminary and others may follow as the investigation continues.

Sunrise Christian Reformed Church at 909 E. County Road 500 South. Google Maps.

Lyzenga has been suspended from all church duties, though church elder Mark DeYoung would not specify whether Lyzenga’s leave is paid or unpaid.  As of this writing, the Sunrise Christian Reform Church website appears to have been taken down.

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