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Police: Woman Killed Fiance Over Cigarette

Yolanda Stills. Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

On Saturday morning, police in Jacksonville, Fla., responded to an apartment at 5800 Jammes Road, where they say Yolanda Lenette Stills, 43, had stabbed her fiance to death over a cigarette. The victim, Ricardo McMillan, 56, was found in the front yard of the complex, suffering from several stab wounds. McMillan later died at the hospital, and Stills was charged with murder. Lt. Rob Schoonover told News4Jax, “She wanted a cigarette from him, and evidently he wouldn’t give her one, so she went and retrieved a 10-inch butcher knife and stabbed him.”  Stills has racked up a lengthy criminal history prior to this, possibly final, arrest.  She’s been busted on charges including battery, assault with a deadly weapon, and, most recently, violation of a protective order.

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