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Multiple Agencies Continue Manhunt for Kidnapper

Adam Mayes with Adrienne (center,) and Alexandria Bain.

Tennessee prosecutors have charged Adam Mayes with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of kidnapping. Mayes, still at large with two young girls in tow, has been added to the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list. Investigators from 17 different law enforcement agencies are scouring the area around Guntown, Mississippi for 35-year-old Adam Mayes, who is believed to have kidnapped sisters Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain. The reward money for information leading to Mayes’ capture is $175,000, according to FBI special agent Aaron Ford. In a press conference, Ford implored Mayes to leave the girls at a “safe location” and turn himself in. Mayes was captured on video at a Union County, Mississippi convenience store on April 30, and was last reported seen in the Guntown area on May 1. Although, the search is focused on Mayes’ hometown, the FBI found Mayes has connections in other states – including Texas, Florida and the Carolinas. Mayes took over a place on the FBI’s most wanted list from Whitey Bulger, the Boston mobster who was captured in California in 2011. Authorities believe that the kidnapping of the younger girls was Mayes’ objective – and the reason that the girls’ mother and older sister were murdered.

Mary Frances Mayes (left,) and Teresa Mayes

The motive for the kidnapping is unconfirmed, but Mayes’ mother-in-law, Josie Tate, told the Associated Press that Mayes believes the two kidnapped girls are his daughters. Mayes was considered a friend of the Bain family. Adam Mayes’ sister Pamela was once married to Gary Bain, according to Teresa Mayes’ attorney Shana Johnson. Teresa’s sister Bobbi Booth told Anderson Cooper that Adam and Teresa’s relationship was marred by domestic violence. Booth said Adam physically abused and threatened Teresa According to affidavits filed in Hardeman County, Tennessee, Adam and Teresa Mayes stand accused of kidnapping four women of the Bain family of Whiteville, Tennessee. On April 27, 2012, Gary Bain alerted authorities to the disappearance of his wife Jo Ann Bain and their three daughters Adrienne (14), Alexandria (12), and Kyliyah (8). Adam Mayes, the last person to see the Bain women, was identified as a suspect in the disappearances, but fled the area after the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation attempted to interview him. Law enforcement tracked Mayes to a rented trailer in Union County, Mississippi – no one was there, but authorities found property belonging to Alexandria and Kyliyah. Police interviewed Adam Mayes’ wife Teresa and mother Mary Frances Mayes who reported seeing Adam digging in his mother’s backyard in Guntown, Mississippi shortly after the Bains went missing. On May 4, an FBI team dug out Mary Frances Mayes’ backyard and found the bodies of Jo Ann and Adrienne Bain. Teresa Mayes admitted to police that she helped her husband kidnap the Bain family and witnessed her husband kill the oldest two. Both Teresa and Adam Mayes have been charged with two counts of First-Degree Murder and two counts of Especially Aggravated Kidnapping. Mary Frances Mayes had been charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit especially aggravated kidnapping. The two Mayes women are currently in custody in the Hardeman County jail – a preliminary hearing for both is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 22.

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