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Manhunt for Adam Mayes Ends With Self-Inflicted Gunshot

Mayes with the Bain family. Facebook photo.

The two-week manhunt for Adam Mayes, the 35-year-old man wanted for the killing of mother and daughter Jo Ann and Adrienne Bain and the on-going kidnapping of two younger daughters Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain, ended Thursday night when Mayes shot himself in the head rather than surrender to authorities.

Acting on a tip from someone reporting what they thought was Mayes’ vehicle, officers from the Mississippi Highway Patrol and the State Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Parks responded to a wooded area near New Albany – just a few miles from Mayes’ hometown of Guntown in Union County. Law enforcement sources told CNN that when Mayes saw the units closing in on him, he stood up and shot himself in the head. The two girls were not close to Mayes when he killed himself. Mayes was pronounced dead at a local hospital. An FBI official told reporters that 12-year-old Alexandria and 8-year-old Kyliyah were unharmed, but taken to the hospital for observation.

FBI special agent Daniel McMullen said the sisters “are suffering from the experience of being out in the woods and from being kidnapped. They are suffering from dehydration and exhaustion, but appear OK.”

Adam Mayes Facebook photo.

Law enforcement had spend the last several days searching neighboring counties in the north side of Mississippi after discovering the bodies of Jo Ann Bain and her 14-year-old daughter Adrienne in a shallow grave in the backyard of Adam Mayes’ mother in Guntown.

Adam Mayes’ wife Teresa is in custody in Tennessee, where authorities believe she and her husband carried out the kidnapping/murder of the Bain women. Teresa Mayes has been charged with several counts of first-degree murder and especially aggravated kidnapping. Mayes’ mother Mary has been charged with conspiracy to commit especially aggravated kidnapping.

Adam Mayes had been added to the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list in recent days and his capture had become a bureau priority. “We will hunt down Adam Mayes and rescue those two girls,” FBI special agent Aaron Ford promised at a press conference earlier this week.

Adam Mayes mugshot.

Several family members have spoken out against Adam Mayes and hoped for a safe return of the two girls. Bobbi Booth, Teresa Mayes’ sister, told Anderson Cooper “All I’m about now is that the children are safe. Thank you, God, for letting those children come home.”

Josie Tate, mother of Teresa Mayes, told the Associated Press that Adam Mayes believed he was the father of Alexandria and Kyliah Bain. She said that belief caused a strain on the Mayes’ marriage: “She [Teresa Mayes] was tired of him doting on those two little girls he claimed were his,” she said.

Although Adam Mayes’ motive for the crimes is uncertain, FBI officials believed that the Bain family was planning to move to Arizona at the end of the school year. Gary Bain, the surviving husband and father, has not yet released any comment in the wake of his youngest daughters’ safe recovery and the death of the man believed responsible for the killing of Bain’s wife and eldest daughter.

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