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Adam Mayes Added to F.B.I.’s Top Ten Most Wanted List

Adam Christopher Mayes

Adam Christopher Mayes

While the manhunt for Adam Mayes, 35, and the two daughters of Jo Ann Bain — Alexandria Bain, 12, and Kyliyah Bain, 8 — continues, officials for the F.B.I. announced his addition to its Ten Most Wanted list.  Mayes is also wanted for the April 27, 2012, murder of Bain, 31, and her oldest daughter, Adrienne, 14. Their bodies were found a week after the abduction buried behind the home Mayes shared with his wife, Teresa, in Guntown, Mississippi. Mayes’ wife was arrested for especially aggravated kidnapping, and bond set at $500,000. Mayes’ mother, Mary, was also arrested for her part in the kidnapping, and charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Her bond set at $300,000. A look now at the Top 25 Most Wanted Fugitives in America.

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