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Woman Arrested for Injecting Botox Without a License

Kristie Johnson

An Atlanta-area mom was thrown in jail after it was uncovered that she was allegedly injecting patients with Botox, making incisions for hormone treatments, and administering laser therapy, all without a medical license of any sort.  According to CBS Atlanta, Kristie Johnson owned and operated Omni Medical Center in Douglasville for about eight months, telling patients that she was a licensed physician’s assistant.

Incidents of cosmetic procedures being performed by unlicensed con artists are alarmingly common. Last fall, Miami police arrested Oneal Ron Morris, who allegedly offered up buttocks-enhancing injections composed of tire sealant, mineral oil and cement.

In December, a woman with the sadly apropos name Loretta Cheek was busted in Greensboro, NC, also for administering dangerous butt injections.  In one case, said a Guilford County detective, the gel-like substance Cheek was using “burned its way back out,” causing significant scarring.

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