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Final Suspect Charged in Drum Major Hazing Death

Lasherry Codner

Lasherry Codner

The last of eleven Florida A&M University students facing felony charges stemming from the November, 2011, hazing death of 26-year-old drum major Robert Champion, has turned herself in.  Lasherry Codner, 20, was booked into Orange County jail and charged with felony hazing.    Codner, whose unfortunate choice of  Twitter username is @LadyofAttack, faces up to six years in prison if convicted.  Two others were charged with misdemeanor hazing, which carries a maximum sentence of one year.

Champion died after collapsing on a band bus following a FAMU football game.  According to an autopsy report, he died after going into shock, caused by internal bleeding.  During a hazing ritual, Champion was allegedly kicked, punched and slapped by other students while attempting to traverse from one end of the bus to another.  On a 911 call made after Champion was found unresponsive, a witness says, Champion “wasn’t responding. We thought he was breathing ’cause he was making noises, but I don’t know even if he’s breathing now.”

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